Pacific Floor Solutions, Inc. is a national flooring contractor providing services for retail, hospitality, restaurant and residential projects. Our Maintenance, Restoration and Renovation Division offers comprehensive maintenance packages to handle all wood, stone and tile flooring needs, as well as restoration and renovations options for the entire location. We pride ourselves on consistently providing exceptional results to our clients with use of proven technologies and methods. We are committed to quality, safety, environment standards, open communication and being a part of the solution.


Is elegant and warm which makes is a popular flooring material. However, hardwood surfaces are prone to damage from daily use, improper care and neglect. Manufacturer's recommended routine maintenance, deep cleaning and reconditioning. Pacific Floor Solutions, Inc. can provide scheduled maintenance, periodic deep cleaning and restorative procedures. We will carefully inspect the hardwood flooring review and recommend a procedure to restore the original design, appeal and depth of any hardwood flooring.
Cleaning | Polish and Touch-Up | Sealing | Repairing | Screen and Coat | Stripping, Staining & Refinishing | Sanding and Refinishing | Replacing & Matching Damaged Wood | Restoring & Recreating Artistic Finishes | Hot Knife Techniques


are versatile and durable flooring material. Pacific Floor Solutions, Inc. consistently maintains the highest quality of service and products. Advances in technology and environmentally responsible and non-toxic cleaner has allowed us to developed effective tile and grout cleaning processes. We have the ability to restore and preserve any type of tile including ceramic tile, porcelain, quarry slate, acrylic and certain types of other natural stones.
Deep Cleaning | Repair, Replace, and Re-Grout | Grout Repair / Re-Grouting | Color Enhancement | Sealing | Anti-Slip | Tile and Grout Replacement


is one of the most prestigious flooring materials and requires special attention, care and maintenance. Pacific Floor Solutions, Inc. are experts at maintaining and restoring and any type of stone surface. We have developed several techniques and processes that can minimize time, labor and cost while maximizing quality and results to reveal the natural luster and protect architectural integrity.
Deep Cleaning | Stain Removal | Scratch Removal | Chip and Crack Repairs | Grout Repairs/Re-Grouting | Color Enhancing | Sealing | Anti-Slip Treatments | Grinding | Honing | Polishing | Stone Tile and Slab replacement


is a process of revitalizing and improving a location to provide both short term and long term benefits. Pacific Floor Solution Inc. is experienced with almost every type of restoration and renovation project. Our knowledge enables us to carefully plan and execute projects and services to deliver quality craftsmanship, on time and on budget.

Pacific Floor Solutions, Inc. offers maintenance options and services to fit your needs. we will consider the type of flooring, amount of traffic and your budget to formulate a proper maintenance package.We will ensure the highest standards of professionalism, quality and cost-effective services. Our use of advance technologies and rigorous training program will beautify and preserve all surfaces and keep your location looking its best.